Podmurovka K4- stolová


Underlay pattern 15 is a great way to make your fence special and add additional protection. The surface of this variant faithfully imitates irregularly laid stones, while the foundation wall itself is made of concrete, cement class 42.5, reinforced with roxor and made in a table-like manner. It can be used as protection against possible digging by animals, or as protection against overgrowing grass. The dimensions are 30 x 257 cm. If interested, it is possible to choose a graphite color to order.

Product name Variant 1
 K4 underlayment – tabletop Dimensions: height x length 30 x 257 cm
Color: gray
Thickness: 5.5-6 cm
packaging: pallet
ks / pal: 12 ks
Use: exterior
kg  /ks:   87 kg
kg / pallet: 1044 kg
price for priest:       16.75.- € s DPH
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