Podmurovka K1- stolová


Podmurovka K1, which can otherwise be called an underlay board, is a modern construction for concrete fences that increases its protection. In its production, concrete, cement class 42.5, Roxor reinforcement are used and it is table-made. The surface in this case faithfully imitates an irregularly placed stone. Podmurovky are used to protect the land, against the entry of animals by burrowing, but they can also be used to protect the fence during mowing. The dimensions of this variant are 30 x 246 cm. If interested, it is possible to choose a graphite color to order.

Product name Variant 1
 Under-wall K1 – tabletop Dimensions: height x length 30 x 246 cm
Color: gray
Thickness: 5.5-6 cm
packaging: pallet
ks / pal: 12 ks
Use: exterior
kg  /ks:  76 kg
kg / pallet: 912 kg
price for priest:       16.75.- € s DPH
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